Airport Hangar Couples Session

July 15, 2020

Okay, my couples have the best date nights! It’s totally unfair! These two babes took off in a cute little plane + I cheered loud from the ground!

Truth is I may have checked the weather ten times on my way to this session. It was raining while I drove, but the radar did NOT show rain! Whoever played that cruel trick on me….not funny.

We played with golden sun and rain clouds the whole time, but I’m so glad because it gave us such a variety of lighting + these two rocked everything!

The most beautiful ending… just as these two decided to skip out on dinner at their fav restaurant + hop on this little plane two different rainbows appeared straight over the runway. Talk about PERFECTION!

Ricky + Becca you two are the sweetest souls! I loved hanging out + playing third wheel on date night!


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